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few things.



  • Dr. Who is probably one of the dumbest fucking shows on the planet.
  • Disney is bullshit.
  • liking the same music and TV does not make a relationship work, you fucking turkeys.
  • cats are cool, dogs are better
  • you aren’t in high school anymore….deal with it and grow the fuck up

I think I’ve figured out whats wrong with you you’ve got the terribly infectious disease of being what is called a royal dick and before you ask yes I’m the doctor soget a few of these and then called punches you can get them anywhere and call me when you have no teeth left!

This kid threatened me via the internet…..Using poor grammar.

The idea that physical violence should be brought upon me for my opinions is  hilarious. He/She must have gotten in their TARDis and traveled from Nazi Germany to deliver me this message. It really is THE only explanation for their Dr. Who boner and Nazi-like tendencies

11.Feb.14 2 months ago
Who do you think is the most successful label? No Sleep Topshelf or RFC.

UHHHH. I dont know, i dont work for them (although sup guys? hire me?) secondly i think they all are very different labels and all work really hard for the wonderful success they DO have.

i will say this, RFC has their marketing on lock. from the outside of my tiny little world i see them come up more than the other two.

but really, who cares……its all kick ass music.

10.Jan.14 3 months ago